Thursday, 26 July 2012

Motaquote Supports Aberdare Park Road Races

Here at Motaquote we are extremely proud of our motoring heritage... hence the name! 

From time-to-time we like to take a little jolly out of the office to support local events - in this case the Aberdare Park Road Races, which is a motorbike racing event that's due to take place on 28th - 29th July this year... that's right - this weekend in fact!

Motorbike racing enthusiasts from all over the UK are set to descend on Aberdare to witness what we hope will be a spectacular day out.

Aberdare Park has a proud racing history and has been going since 1950 and was the very first venue to have live televised motorbike racing coverage in 1955.

Motaquote are proud to be attending this event to flog our wears - whether you're looking for car, home, travel, pet of even motorbike insurance. If you happen to see us then I urge you to drop by for a friendly chat and perhaps see if we can help you with your insurance needs.

To find out more about Aberdare Park's road race event please visit


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