Tuesday 24 January 2012

Motaquote Staff Take To Lifting Weights For Charity

With Christmas and New Year behind us the staff at Motaquote Insurance are looking to get fit, work off some of that holiday fat and raise some money for Help The Heroes and locally run meningitis charity - The Jackson Llewellyn Griffiths Tribute Fund.

Motaquote employee, Lee Harris, has agreed to run some "taster" kettlebell classes over lunchtime for the keen folks at Motaquote.

The kettlebell exercises are designed to combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training – and all round workout that should get our staff in tip-top condition – ready for the demands of the year ahead.

As an organisation Motaquote is keen to promote the health and welfare of its staff as well as the charities it supports. Over the next 12 months there will be a lot going on – from this blogger’s quest to run his 6th half marathon to fun, games and plenty of pie to raise money for charity.

Keep your eyes open – there’s more coming soon!

To find out more about the charities Motaquote supports please visit our Motaquote Charities page.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Public Liability Insurance – A Big Cost To A Small Business?

Owning a small business isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s long been acknowledged that we now live in a society who are very conscious of their rights, and as such small businesses really can’t neglect health and safety. Whilst this is a good thing, businesses around the UK also have to contend with unfair allegations – leading to potential court proceedings. Whilst a healthy respect for health and safety is required it’s also vital to consider a public liability insurance policy – you could say that it’s the first step to protecting your business.

Many have said that we live in a nanny state, protected and wrapped in cotton wool from day one, where everything is insured or has some form of legislation attached to it. This may well be true, and it is always a good idea to make sure that you and your business are as protected as possible in this complicated and unpredictable day and age.

If you own a business, then it is a good idea is to take out public liability insurance. In fact, for many businesses it’s essential protection to ensure they’re covered. Liability claims are commonly associated with very high costs to businesses. Whilst the type of cover you need may differ from one business to another, the same fact remains – huge bills and huge costs can cripple you whether you are a small or large business.

It is worth bearing in mind that the world we live in is filled with companies who offer no win no fee legal representation, meaning that anyone with a semblance of a case can take it to court. Whether or not the claimant is justified in their actions is largely irrelevant to your business – the costs required to protect and represent your side of the case can be just as damaging for your bank balance no matter which way the “verdict” sways. Public liability insurance, dependant on the level of your cover, will protect you against and cover for these costs (unless the business is negligent in any way) including settlements, meaning that your business can afford to carry on.

If you decide that public liability insurance is right for your business, then you should research what level of cover matches the style of your business. By assessing the type of business you are involved in is a good place to start. Always make sure you investigate every option fully. While £1 million worth of liability cover could suit one business, others may need to consider more.

The world isn’t as straight-forward as it once was, so it makes sense to try and reduce your costs - public Liability Insurance is a significant step forward to ensuring your business is protected.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Gadget Insurance - Do You Need It?

With gadgets becoming more and more advanced and quite costly as a result, having an expensive gadget stolen or lost could prove more expensive than you realise. This is why gadget insurance could be ideal.

Think about it for a minute - you've just bought that expensive tablet computer or smartphone and you use it every day - whether it's for work or pleasure. The next thing you know it's been lost or stolen! Without gadget insurance you have to fork-out another £400+ just to get it replaced! That's £400 that could go towards your next holiday or your next gadget...

As technology advances we are becoming more and more reliant on things – such as smartphones and SatNavs, especially if you are a business man out on the road visiting clients on a regular basis. Let’s face it – without a SatNav you could be “lost” and without your smartphone you might be left with no way to call a client if you’re going to be late for a meeting.

The great thing about Motaquote’s gadget insurance cover is the fact that we can cover 3 gadgets in one go for £99 a year (or 10% off if you buy online). That equals around 27 pence a day!

So in the likelihood that you do lose, damage or have a gadget stolen you don't need to concern yourself with the cost of replacing them... we'll do that for you with our competitive gadget protection.

Need to know more? Check out our gadget insurance page and see for yourself.