Wednesday 22 February 2012

Motaquote Supports Small Retailers

Here at Motaquote we believe it's increasingly important that, as a small business insurance broker, we continue to support small retailers around the UK.

Let's face facts – many independent shops and even their larger equivalents are struggling in the face of the economic downturn and with the rise of online shopping. However, Motaquote feel that it's just as important to support retailers who don't solely sell online – retailers who have and want to maintain their high-street presence.

We recognise that many shops are still a vital part of the community they serve – much like Motaquote's retail branches. With high levels of inflation and the increasing costs of running a shop-front we understand that it's proving difficult to continue trading – this is why we are proud to be able to bring shop owners competitive, affordable cover through our shop insurance scheme.

We are able to offer highly competitive shop insurance cover - in fact we are so confident that we can actually GUARANTEE to beat any shop insurance quote.*

Our comprehensive shop insurance comes with a whole host of excellent features and benefits unique to our policies.

As you would expect from a shop insurance product ours comes with public and product liability, building and contents cover, employers liability and business interruption insurance, however, you also receive:

Legal expenses cover and a glass replacement service. It doesn't end there. Motaquote also offers online shop safety training, online health and safety management, access to the business law library and free legal advice and employee stress counselling hotlines - all part and parcel of one simple shop insurance policy.**
Sound good? Want to find out more? Check out our shop insurance page or give us a call on 0800 587 8989.

* Subject To Terms & Conditions
** Insurer Dependent

Did You Know Motaquote Offers Motorbike Insurance?

Do you own a motorbike? Maybe you've been looking for quality, affordable motorbike insurance cover... well, other than car insurance, we can also offer an excellent motorcycle insurance policy.

Unfortunately it seems that people looking for a decent motorbike policy still aren't aware that Motaquote is more than car insurance. This is why we want to remind all our loyal customers out there that we can and want to offer you more.

Whether you simply enjoy a Sunday afternoon ride into the heart of the Welsh valleys or even a daily commute it's important to have the right kind of cover. So why not consider Motaquote's motorcyle insurance?

What does our motorbike insurance include?

Well we can offer three types of cover - comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party motorbike insurance for a whole range of bike types.

From mopeds and scooters to larger motorbikes and even classic models if you enjoy cruising down the road on an old Triumph or Harley. In addition to this we can even add a second bike to your motorbike insurance policy for a highly competitive charge - please note the insurance will be based on the highest rated bike.

Interested? Why not drop into one of our local Welsh branches or call us on 0845 602 6925 and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help!

More Than One Player In Motaquote’s Telematics Family

With the highly publicised launch of our sister brand – Fair Pay Insurance we felt it important to talk a little about the differences between Fair Pay and iKube as they are two quite different forms of telematics car insurance (or “black box insurance”) that will suit different people.

Let’s take a quick look at Fair Pay Insurance.

Fair Pay Insurance is what’s known in the press and media as “pay as you drive” car insurance. Whilst this is the case to an extent, there is still a lot more to it than just that.

It has essentially taken basic telematics car insurance and optimised it further by giving the customer even more control over their premiums.

But how has this been done?

To start with – if you tell Fair Pay you are a good driver it will believe you and reward you up-front. So you get given a pot of mileage points as well as the bonus mileage points when your policy starts. However, Fair Pay can offer the functionality to top up mileage points on your account as well if you want or need it through its Dashboard.

Fair Pay, like iKube, monitors and tracks the way in which you, the policy holder, drives. It measures elements such as speed, harsh braking, time and location, G-Force impact, Cornering and the routes and types of roads used. The TomTom navigation device that is bundled with the Fair Pay product will alert you to any incidents you may have whilst out on the road – these can be monitored both in real-time and once you get home via your computer.

Using this information, as long as you have driven safely and well, you could be due a considerable discount at renewal.

Who is Fair Pay For?

Unlike iKube, for example, Fair Pay is aimed at a broader market – i.e. older drivers (over 25s), female drivers and anyone who thinks they pay too much for their car insurance (i.e. over £1,000) and don’t deserve to be penalised.

Now Let’s Take A Look At iKube

iKube’s black box insurance is quite different to Fair Pay. It’s a usage based car insurance product specifically aimed at 17 – 25 year old full licensed drivers and those learning to drive. iKube doesn’t restrict on mileage but does ask that you  avoid driving between the hours of 11pm – 5am.

If you are found to be driving late at night then you will incur a £100 fee for driving at that time (iKube of course make exceptions for those people simply moving their car less than 100 yards to let someone else move their vehicle).

In much the same way as Fair Pay the black box device installed in the car will monitor elements such as speed, time of day the car is driven, harsh braking and cornering, etc. This can be viewed on your online dashboard that is provided when you take the iKube policy out.

As long as you have been a good, careful driver during the term of your policy then you could be due a significant discount at renewal (in some cases up to 40%).

Who is iKube For?

iKube is solely aimed at young and learner drivers between the ages of 17 – 25 who feel that they are penalised due to their age and inexperience on the road.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Motaquote & TomTom Launch Fair Pay Insurance

Motaquote are proud to announce the launch of Fair Pay Insurance, a new telematics car insurance product that's aimed at motorists who feel that they are unjustly penalised because of where they live, how old they are or their gender.

Motaquote has joined forces with TomTom to launch a product that recognises that drivers willing to be monitored and gives them the ability to demonstrate how good a driver they are. Fair Pay gives the customer preferential insurance premiums bundled with the latest navigation technology to feedback their driving behaviour. Just like a car’s MPG, the better the car is driven, the further the customer's ‘insurance fuel’ will go.

Fair Pay Insurance is ideal for anyone who is or expects to pay more than £1,000 for their car insurance and, in spite of being good drivers, feel that they are being unfairly charged.

Motaquote's Managing Director, Nigel Lombard, commented:

“If you genuinely believe you’re a good driver and are happy to have your driving behaviour monitored, we’ll believe you and we’ll even give you the benefit up front.”

Mr Lombard goes on to say:

“And our unique partnership with TomTom means that we are able to offer customers the very latest high-tech in-car TomTom navigation device with real-time driver feedback, enabling them to monitor and adapt their own driving behaviour on a day-to-day basis so they won’t get any nasty surprises as they go along or when it comes to renewal.”

Fair Pay is specifically designed for motorists who genuinely believe that they are good drivers but feel that they are unfairly charged due to "risk factors" that insurers use to calculate car insurance premiums - including their postcode, age, gender, an isolated motoring conviction or even the type of car they drive. All of these factors does not necessarily impact their ability to drive well. To prove that they are good drivers they're happy to have their driving behavious monitored.

The Managing Director for TomTom Business Solutions, Thomas Schmidt, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Motaquote , who have recognised this potential in launching such a groundbreaking product.”

As car insurance premiums continue to rise, Fair Pay Insurance really does offer a fairer deal to motorists.

To find out more about how Fair Pay works please visit

To find out more about TomTom and their technology please visit:

Friday 10 February 2012

Keep Us Up To Date With Changes In Your Life

Did you know that changes in your life can affect your insurance policy? Whether you have your home insurance or your car insurance with Motaquote, we need to know about changes to your personal circumstances. Here's why:

Home Insurance

Whether you're planning on making significant home improvements (i.e. adding a new room) or simply moving into a bigger house - it's crucial that you let us know.

Why You Need To Let Us Know About Home Improvements

As you would expect - adding rooms on to your house is likely to increase the sum insured for repair costs of your home... so if you haven't updated us on any changes there is no guarantee that your house and it's contents will be completely covered under your existing home insurance policy.

Why You Need To Let Us Know If You're Moving House

This might seem obvious to some but let's be honest... with the excitement and hussle and bussle of the move it's easy to forget about your home insurance.

It's vital that you let us know if you are moving house so we can ensure that you are covered for the correct sums insured when you move... a home insurance policy for one house may not be suitable for another.

Car Insurance

Whether you are moving house, upgrading your car or even if you’ve recently got married and plan on adding your spouse to your car insurance policy you should let us know!

Car Insurance – Moving House

You need to tell us if you’re planning on moving house as it might affect your car insurance policy as the postcode of the area you move to may affect the policy. Besides, we need to know your address if we’re going to be sending out car insurance certificates, policy documents, etc.

Car Insurance – Adding A Newly Married Spouse To Your Policy

As odd as this might sound adding a spouse to our car insurance policy might reduce your annual premium. It’s definitely worth considering just for that fact alone!

You simply add your spouse as a named driver to your car insurance policy and voila! Car insurance policies have been known to drop significantly in some cases. However, this is not the case in all circumstances - it really depends on their driving history.

Car Insurance – Upgrading Your Car

Perhaps you’re looking at that sporty little red number in the car showroom… maybe you’re looking at upgrading to a big 4x4. Whatever the car is you’re looking to upgrade (or downgrade) to you need to let us know before you drive it away otherwise you will not be covered.

Did you know that car insurance is a legal requirement before taking to the road? For this reason alone it is vital that you update us so we can update your car insurance details.

Monday 6 February 2012

Motaquote branch staff take to the speedway

Our Motaquote branch staff took to Cardiff's TeamSport Go-Karting track alongside the likes of GoCompare, Admiral, and TheAA. But that's hardly going to faze us is it?! Well no - not when we outnumbered each team 3 to 1 - except for GoCompare.

With 2 iKube teams and 1 Motaquote team we were a force to be reckoned with... or so we thought.

Unfortunately it didn't turn out to be so... whilst our teams  did put up a valiant fight until the end of the race the final figures were in GoCompare's favour.

However, on a more positive note - I manage to wrangle a free cup of tea and GoCompare didn't bring Gio Compario.

But I digress - in the end it was a night to remember and everyone had enormous amounts of fun in spite of the freezing conditions (you should have seen them spinning out at all the big turns).

On another note - did you know that our branches are offering some great deals on home insurance, car and caravan insurance at the moment? If you're looking for cover then pop-in to your local branch and our friendly, helpful staff will be more than happy to help.