Friday, 10 February 2012

Keep Us Up To Date With Changes In Your Life

Did you know that changes in your life can affect your insurance policy? Whether you have your home insurance or your car insurance with Motaquote, we need to know about changes to your personal circumstances. Here's why:

Home Insurance

Whether you're planning on making significant home improvements (i.e. adding a new room) or simply moving into a bigger house - it's crucial that you let us know.

Why You Need To Let Us Know About Home Improvements

As you would expect - adding rooms on to your house is likely to increase the sum insured for repair costs of your home... so if you haven't updated us on any changes there is no guarantee that your house and it's contents will be completely covered under your existing home insurance policy.

Why You Need To Let Us Know If You're Moving House

This might seem obvious to some but let's be honest... with the excitement and hussle and bussle of the move it's easy to forget about your home insurance.

It's vital that you let us know if you are moving house so we can ensure that you are covered for the correct sums insured when you move... a home insurance policy for one house may not be suitable for another.

Car Insurance

Whether you are moving house, upgrading your car or even if you’ve recently got married and plan on adding your spouse to your car insurance policy you should let us know!

Car Insurance – Moving House

You need to tell us if you’re planning on moving house as it might affect your car insurance policy as the postcode of the area you move to may affect the policy. Besides, we need to know your address if we’re going to be sending out car insurance certificates, policy documents, etc.

Car Insurance – Adding A Newly Married Spouse To Your Policy

As odd as this might sound adding a spouse to our car insurance policy might reduce your annual premium. It’s definitely worth considering just for that fact alone!

You simply add your spouse as a named driver to your car insurance policy and voila! Car insurance policies have been known to drop significantly in some cases. However, this is not the case in all circumstances - it really depends on their driving history.

Car Insurance – Upgrading Your Car

Perhaps you’re looking at that sporty little red number in the car showroom… maybe you’re looking at upgrading to a big 4x4. Whatever the car is you’re looking to upgrade (or downgrade) to you need to let us know before you drive it away otherwise you will not be covered.

Did you know that car insurance is a legal requirement before taking to the road? For this reason alone it is vital that you update us so we can update your car insurance details.


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