Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Planning Your Holiday This Year?

If you're anything like me you're probably already thinking about where you're going to go on holiday. I know we're bearly out of winter and it's still March - hardly holiday season but surprisingly it's the time a lot of people start making travel arrangements for the summer.

Well if you are thinking about taking a trip abroad have you thought about your travel insurance? I'm guessing that you probably haven't, which is fair enough - who really wants to think about travel insurance when they're planning their next holiday?

Unfortunately travel insurance is something you really need to think about as it can cover you for numerous problems that can and unfortunately do happen whilst holidaying abroad.

Motaquote's travel insurance covers you for a wide range of things including - your expenses should you fall ill and need to be hospitalised, should you lose luggage or have personal items stolen. In some cases we can even cover you should you be unable to travel due to a recent death of a relative.*

In addition to this Motaquote's travel insurance even offers cover for a wide range of sports and activities as standard.

If that still doesn't sound like enough cover to you did you know that Motaquote's travel insurance can offer an option to add on winter sports cover if you're considering your next skiing or snowboarding holiday?

*Dependent on insurer.

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